This is

Suraj Kumar Mahto

Where are sloths found?

Eh! Must be in the top of canopies, hanging, wandering in this cosmos. Legends say that they have seen a sloth wandering in GitHub

What all stuff he does ?

Suraj is currently pursuing his majors in Information Technology (Junior Undergrad) from BIT Sindri, Dhanbad. He plays Basketball, Badminton. He is also one of the leads in a student run Developer Club, HnCC at BIT Sindri He also ontributes to KDE Websites ( He has also got the Developer Status there.

Oh Yes, he can Beatbox also. He tries on cooking sometimes.
He likes exploring and hacking into Computer Stuffs. I bet you may find some sloths wandering around Computers. He likes designing and developing frontend matters.

His Linux Configuration?

Uh, I see he is too lazy to rice his linux setup. For now he is stable in:

Where can I contact him ?

You can contact him on:

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