Winding up GSoC 2021

Here comes the ending of the 10 week GSoC program. This project has been a roller coaster ride for me. With initial weeks of struggling to understand the large codebase to this point. Week 9-10 revolved around testing all the changes done in the coding period. I had a virtual meet on the 7th of August with mentors. Thank you to them to organize a meet of their schedule,
The meet after many weeks was great. Mentors asked for my feedback about the current progress. I presented my work and discussed some possible bugs that I found while working on the project. One of which was the renaming of quotes not working. Thomas said that it was solved a few days ago but not in the master branch since my ongoing work was in a branch off the master.
We discussed how to rebase my branch from upstream and make it merge ready. I followed the instruction of mentors to demonstrate the working of kmymoney using sample data.
We found that the GNUCash plugin doesn’t seem to work after changes. It later worked(probably wasn’t working due to a linking error with my local alkimia installation). The equity price update doesn’t seem to work. I think it was because of the incomplete porting of webpricequote APIs since I commented on all the csvquote usage which is to be ported after the GSoC timeline.


There is also a signal void updateAvailable(const QString &profile, const QString &name); which is emitted by slot void slotUpdatesFound(const KNS3::Entry::List &updates) to log updates for quote sources installed through KNS3 DownloadManager. It requires modification to work. This deliverable was not completed in the coding period. All the work is now in form of a merge request. After working on the csvquote, all the features will be workable.

I am also refactoring the code in my merge request as per the suggestions of mentors and maintainers.

My work can be found here : Alkimia and KMyMoney. Both have been used to create a Merge Request for upstream repos.

Post GSoC -

The most trivial stuff will be to get the csvquote API ported to make features work like CSV field and update of quotes
If anyone wants to suggest something or have a discussion please reach out to me on suraj[dot]mahto49[at]gmail[dot]com or in matrix.