Google Summer of Code 2021 - Community Bonding

Hello everyone, I hope that you are safe and healthy. It was the 17th May 2021, the results were to be notified at 11:30 PM IST. My friend Anjani from the same college as mine, who is also a contributor to the KDE Community called me up 1 hour before the results. We both were very anxious. I checked my email at 11:26 PM, there was a mail that my project was accepted in Google Summer of Code. I called up Anjani since the results were to be notified at 11:30 PM IST and he hung up my call in panic. He called back, we were excited that both of our projects got accepted in KDE, one of the largest free software community that we are part of.

About my Project:

KMyMoney is a cross-platform personal finance tracking app. It uses C++, Qt as its core and the UI is done using QtWidgets. KMyMoney 4.8 is equipped with debug functions and extended by an online update of the quote sources. This was added to Alkimia 8. The main goal of the project is to add that as a feature to KMyMoney version 5. I have planned to add this support to version 5 of KMyMoney, as a replacement for existing functionality in KMyMoney (as was done with version 4.8). I will be working on the integration of the new functionalities from the Alkimia 8 library to improve the online price update of KMyMoney.

Mentors: Thomas Baumgart and Ralf Habacker

Community Bonding:

I am glad to have such supporting mentors. I recall the covid cases were rising in India back then in May, Thomas sir sent me a touching base mail to discuss a merge request and asked about my health.

We had a KMyMoney kickoff virtual meet on 29th May. We got to know about each other and saw some faces behind the names and email addresses. It was great to interact with mentors, who are in Technology and Engineering for more than two decades and maintaining the KMyMoney codebase for more than one decade.

We walked through the proposed timeline and discussed what more things we will have to figure out while working on the project with some QnA.

I also completed one pending merge request:

I also met my fellow students working on different GSoC projects under various orgs. They were from versatile technology domains. We discussed various topics related to tech and non-tech.

Coding Period:

The coding period starts on 7th June. I am looking forward to a great summer ahead.

If anyone has any suggestions please reach out to me on: