Season of KDE 2021 - The start

Hello KDE people, I am Suraj an undergraduate student majoring in Information Technology from India. I have been contributing to KDE Websites for quite a while. KDE Web has been undergoing major changes in the past few years. We have seen many sites being ported to JAM Stack i.e particularly static site generators such as Hugo and Jekyll.

Using static site generators sometimes are a great choice because it reduces server dependencies since the website rebuilds only when the site is updated. Also, updating is a lot easier when the content is written in markdown and simple data formats.

I will be working under Carl Schwan and Anuj Bansal to port the site to Hugo. It uses a python script to fetch the newest version of the documentation from Git (for English) and Subversion (for other languages) and build HTML and PDF files from the DocBook sources. The custom python script is also to be refactored.

I look forward to this kool and enthralling Season of KDE to improve the docs site. I will be posting regular updates throughout my proposed timeline. Please reach out to me on matrix ( ) if you have any suggestions.